Revenge of Google Reader

Google has just announced the improved look and feel of Google Reader, which I reviewed almost a year ago.

The aggregated view is there now, labeled the River of News by some. I had such high hopes for Google Reader back when it was first released, but it was waaaaay tooo sllooooow. Now, this feels very usable and could even tempting me away from my own RSS reader project.

Still, it needs a few more features like searching for similar articles, or some sort of grouping of articles that are running the same meme (so I only have to read the same story once =) Needs a dinosaur feeds listing, too. Also needs some way of marking ranges of articles that have been read. MonkeyChow has a “Mark up to here” feature it inherited from Feed On Feeds which lets you check off a number of items as having been read without having to check off each one. This is pretty useful when you only want to mark off some articles in a list of 200 or so. However, something like what GMail offers would be even more useful. The reblogging feature is similar to what I have now, so they’ve provided a lot of what I already use, only they call it Sharing, which makes it sound more like a social networking thing. I would prefer some sort of sharing with circles of friends or groups.

All in all, it’s very pretty, and quite usable. I’ll best testing it over the next few days to see how I really feel about it.