MonkeyChow Per-Feed Article Aging and SimplePie Update

I’ve bumped Monkey Chow up to using the latest SimplePie beta 3. I’ll be following along with SimplePie as they update. At some point I’ll have to set things up so that I can use SimplePie’s SVN repository as an external SVN within my repository.

Also, a long-awaited item has been added: Per feed article aging. This means that the Article Aging field that has been in the edit page for all these months now will actually do something. This means that when you have a very busy feed like Digg to follow, you can set that feed to age articles out at a rate of your choice rather than the default 30 days. This can help keep the size of your database way down. Alternately, if there is a feed you want to keep around longer, bump up the number of days the articles are kept around.

This also means that I had to actually fix article aging which appears to have been broken for quite some time now, and was causing database sizes to grow without ever being pruned.

Check it all out in the latest SVN version 102.