Feed On Feeds Is Coming Back!

Note: my work on Feed On Feeds mods has been forked off as MonkeyChow.

For a while now I’ve been working on my own version of Feed On Feeds 0.1.9 at MonkeyChow.org. A couple of years ago, new great-sounding features were announced for FoF, but the code was never released.

Now, Steve Minutillo has announced the long awaited 0.5 version in the GCode repository. But… still no code available! It will be interesting to compare the features and see which has the most efficient and well-featured RSS handling.

Update: Now one month later there is no further word. Has Steve abandoned us again?

Update: The code was released, but it seems to basically have some of the same flaws. I’ll keep on pushing with MonkeyChow.


3 thoughts on “Feed On Feeds Is Coming Back!

  1. Interesting, but it will most likely end up abandoned again. Personally I think the new leaders are:

    monkeychow, fof-REDUX and tiny tiny rss

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