How to mod Halo PC: Beginner Level 2

This is Part 2.  Click for [part1]

Welcome back! Sorry for the delay in modding tutorials. This tutorial
will include one of the most popular, and simplest, mods for Halo pc.

The ability to shoot rockets out of your assualt rifle! This one mod
can change gameplay completely. It would be even better if it had
infinite ammo, because we all know you will be using this weapon alot.

Well, I will also show you how to make the assualt rifle have infinte ammo
as well. So, you will learn how to create an amazing, always loaded,
never empty, vehicle flipping, rocket shooting assualt rifle.

Just like last time you will need the following tools:
Halo Mapping Tools v3.5 –,
60 plugins pack for HMT – ,
and a full version of Halo PC (buy it here if you dont have it)

If you mess up one of your maps and dont have a backup, then you will
have to go through a long reinstallation of halo pc. If you have your
maps already backuped skip this. If not then do this:

  • To do this go to c:\program files\microsoft games\halo
  • Copy all the masp from the MAPS folder
  • Right click and create new folder
  • Rename the newly created folder as BACKUPS
  • Paste all the maps from MAPS into BACKUPS
  • If you mess up one of your original maps in the MAPS folder, copy the same map from BACKUPS into MAPS, and it’s good!

Instructions for creating the Assualt rifle rocket launcher mod:
**note: everyonce in a while an error will come up saying “Error while
trying to update and write structure” just ignore it and hit ok.

  1. Make sure you place the 60 hmt plugins in hmt’s plugin folder.
  2. Open up hmt v3.5
  3. Go to file > open > c:\program files\microsoft games\halo\maps (or whereever your halo directory is.
  4. Open
  5. You should now see a ton of options apprear on the left side of hmt.
  6. On the left side, Resource Browser, where all the options appeared, look for [proj] projectile(21 items), open it.
  7. You should now see a bunch of new options appear.
  8. In these new options search for weapons\rocket launcher\rocket, open it.
  9. Once that is open the right side of hmt should be filled with text boxes and numbers. We don’t have to worry about those. Back at the left side of the screen in the box towards the top called “Tag Information” is a button named “swap” next to that is a code. Copy that code.
  10. Go back to the “resource browser” and look for weapons\assualt rifle\bullet, and look for that same little button named “Swap” under “Tag Information”. Paste the code we copied over the code currently in the text box.
  11. Hit the “Save” (not save meta) button next to the “revert button” at this point the screen should flash little) Now the assualt rifle can shoot rockets, but we still have to make it have infinite ammo.
  12. To make the assualt rifle have infinte ammo, go out of [proj] projectile(21 items)
  13. Search for [weap] Weapon(20 items), open it.
  14. Once it is opened search for weapons\assualt rifle\assualt rifle, open it.
  15. Once again more options will appear on the right of hmt. Scroll down in the right box until you find “Magazines” and a box next to it, open that box and select “0”. The screen will flash and revert you bake to the top, just ignore this and scroll back down to “magazines”.
  16. Change Rounds total initial, Rounds total max, and Rounds loaded max to 9999.
  17. Hit the save button on the left side of hmt again. The screen will once again flash and revert you to the top. (ignore it)
  18. Scroll back donw on the right side and look for “Triggers” and a box next to it, open the box and select “0”. The screen will revert back to the top, just scroll back down to “Triggers”.
  19. Change both minimum and maximum spread to 0.
  20. Change Projectiles fired to 2.
  21. Change Rounds per shot to 0.
  22. Hit the save button on the left side of hmt once again. (not save meta!!)
  23. Go have fun blowing things up!

To summarize for the technical folks: Basically you just made the assualt rifle shoot rockets, and never run out. By coping and pasting the code from weapons\rocket launcher\rocket over weapons\assualt rifle\bullet you changed the projectile. The code you copied was the rockets code, so basically you are changing the code the game gets for the assualt rifle bullet to the rocket. By changing the Rounds total initial and rounds total max, you told it that you wanted to start with 9999 bullets in the gun and that the most ammo you could carry for it was 9999. Then you made it so that if you did have to reload you would reload 9999 bullets at once. After this you changed the minimum and maximum spread to 0 which made the gun super accurate. The bullets no longer fly this way and that. Changing projectiles fired to 2 means it will shoot 2 rockets at once, and rounds per shot to 0 means it wont use bullets!

I hope this tutorial helps you out in your halo pc modding experience!

-bigern1990 (p.s.- watch the video to see what you mod should do)

This is Part 2.  Click for [part1]


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  2. I’ve been using both IE and Firefox. I’d have to agree that Firefox is a better browser choice. My sister has a Mac and she says Safari also works better.

  3. can u send me a copy of no 3. i need to change colours. thanks great help,



  5. I actually have no clue on how to mod Halo on the mac.

    I have never seen or toyed around with hmt on the mac.

    You should try the forums on halomods, lots of tutorials and such. Thats where i learned my halo-modding skillz 🙂

    On the left side of the screen is forums and file forums, also tutorials. You may want to look though them all, but file forums are where you can download stuff, not for questions and such.

    You may have to search a little through Halomods if you can’t find what you are looking for.

  6. anytime i try to open the halo mapping tool i keep getting an error message it says ” The application failed to initialize property (0xc0000135). Click on OK to terminate the application.” ive tried removing the program and reinstalling and even redownloading it just in case my pc downloaded it wrong but nothing seems to work.if anyone can help me that would be great thanks

  7. You have to go and download .netframework2.0 I had the same problem then I got net frame work and it worked just fine.

  8. Yah its an alright mod but the only problem is that maybe instead of showing them how to do one thing show them how to change the projectiles with HMT and let them experiment…

  9. Actualy one of my favorite things to do is put the rockets in the plasma rifles in the banshees then replace the fuelrod with scorpion shell(shel not bullet(bullet isnt the thing that explodes))

  10. For the average Halo mod user, backing up map files is a well-known and familiar process. However, some people don't bother to do so. Though you could…

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