Monkeychow interface enhancements: collapse and toggle

Just added the ability to collapse all article bodies. I can see that after adding this it will be nice to expand individual articles when viewing in this mode.

Before collapse: normal expanded view

After collapse: new collapsed view

I’ve also merged the “flag all items and “unflag all items” links into a single “toggle flags” link, as well as reorganizing some of the content in the menu pane.
This is all in the frames view only at the moment.

new menu pane

Also recently added is the edit capability in panel view. Because of the way frames and panel view differ, some sort of detection has to be done to see if we were called from the framed or non-framed mode. This is another step towards merging the two modes. Some more reorg in that menu pane is probably in order, but there are other pressing wishliust items to tackle.


2 thoughts on “Monkeychow interface enhancements: collapse and toggle

  1. Well, I’ll be honest, my code is very messy. It might be a bit hard to follow, but any help is welcome.

    For the alternating colors, are you looking to see a tightly spaced list of titles in small font like the left side feed list?

    The left pane is starting to look really cluttered. I’ve been thinking of making the “m e u d” links in that pane to either show in the top menu pane or in another tiny pane, leaving just the list of feeds with checkboxes for the links to act on. There, I would replace the “m e u d” links with icons.

    Keep the ideas coming, and thanks for partaking of the MonkeyChow.

  2. sweet! you might put each news section in alternating colors (zebra stripes) like how you have the left side

    you can do this by testing for modulus Zero, although im sure you know that 😉

    i think the left menu panel would be better if it used a few little images (with ALT and TITLE tags) for some of the stuff, I might make something and share it but i wont promise anything

    I once tried to modify someone elses code once and then saw their template and said screw it :p

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