MonkeyChow respects your privacy, and internationalization update

Just freshly added to the MonkleyChow SVN repository, support for a privacy checkbox in the edit page for the frames view. Checking the PRIVATE checkbox will make sure that anything you have selected as PRIVATE will not show in OPML, RSS feeds, or aggregator output – only you will see those feeds and the corresponding articles. Also, remember that you can set your .htaccess to block those opml, rss, and aggregator pages if you don’t wish to provide those services in the first place.

I’ve also added a lot more to the Spanish translation recently. Once I have all the translations done for es_US, I’ll be ready for anyone that wants to translate the messages.po file into a language of their choosing. Volunteers wanted!! I want to get about 6 total languages supported before the next release: Polish, romance languages (I’ve covered Spanish – French, Portuguese, Italian?), and hopefully Arabic and Chinese. Volunteers wanted!!


2 thoughts on “MonkeyChow respects your privacy, and internationalization update

  1. Another neat feature might be to have an option to show only the titles of the feed and maybe you can click on the title to show the paragraph below or something, might be useful for some feeds like digg where you get 200 a day or so :p

  2. Good point. I plan on doing that once the basic structure is down and some AJAX can be introduced. I’d like to make that a user selectable preference since, honestly, half the time you can’t tell what the Digg article is about from just the title.

    Update: Collapsing article bodies has been added to the latest SVN version. – 2006-07-16

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