How to mod Halo PC: Beginner Level 1

For more go to [part 2]

Things you must have:

In this mod I will explain how to make Master Chief jump higher and have no falling damage! BEFORE MODDING CREATE BACKUPS OF ALL YOUR HALO PC MAPS!!!!!!!!!

  • To do this go to c:\program files\microsoft games\halo
  • Copy all the masp from the MAPS folder
  • Right click and create new folder
  • rename the newly created folder as BACKUPS
  • paste all the maps from MAPS into BACKUPS
  • if u mess up one of your original maps in the MAPS folder,
  • copy the same map from BACKUPS into MAPS, and its good!

Instructions for Jump Higher and No Falling Damage Mod:

  1. Open up Hmt v3.5 (make sure you put the 60 plugins into the plugins folder).
  2. Search for you maps, go to c:\program files\microsoft games\halo\maps.
  3. Pick
  4. You should now see a ton of options appear on the left of the Hmt window.
  5. On the left side, Resource Browser, where all the options appeared, four down from the top is [bipd] Biped(2 items), select this, then select Characters\cyborg_mp\cyborg_mp
  6. Some new items should appear on the right side of the Hmt window now.
  7. On the right side of the screen, scroll down all the way and look for a check box with Jumping and Landing writen next to it.
  8. Where it says jump velocity you should see 0.07 writen in the text box beside it.
  9. Change this to 0.14 (this is twice the jump height)
  10. Now hit the Save button thats next to revert on the upper left hand side of the screen.
  11. You must save after each change u make (can get annoying)
  12. Now on the left, Resource Browser, search for [jpt!]Damage(81 items)
  13. Select this tab
  14. Under this new tab, select globals\distance
  15. On the right hand side of the screen now, scroll down and look for Minimum Damage, Maximum Damage(minimum), and Maximum Damage(maximum). In the text box next to them change them all to 0.
  16. Click the Save button again.
  17. Now over under Resource Browser select globals\falling
  18. Scroll down on the left hand side again until you come across Minimum Damage, Maximum Damage(minimum), and Maximum Damage(maximum).
  19. Once again change the numbers in the text box next to them to 0, and save again.
  20. Close Hmt (always Close Hmt after you done a mod, or else halo wont load that map).
  21. Start Halo pc, go to Bloodgulch and fool around!!!
  22. Extra – Now that you’ve done this go back and experiment, make Master Chief jump higher, or lower!

Explanation of this mod!
Ok what you just did is made it so Master Chief will jump higher
without being damaged by falling from high heights. You went into Jump
Velocity, this changed how fast he jumped up…making him jump
higher…making this number higher will infact make him jump higher. I then had you
go into globals\distance. This is if Master Chief were to go to
heights he’s not supposed to, it would make him die. I had you change
Minimum Damage, and both of the Maximums to 0. This will eliminate a
distance making him go as high as the ceiling of the map without dieing.

Finally, i had you go into globals\falling. This is what controls Master
Chiefs falling damage. You changed Minimum and both the maximums to 0.

This eliminated falling damage, as 0 damage wouldnt be anything at all!

Try fooling arounf with these mods, and try to make your own mods, try
to make him jump higher, or challenge yourself and make him jump lower!

Check back soon for my next tutorials, also check the video of what your mod should look like!


For more go to [part 2]


43 thoughts on “How to mod Halo PC: Beginner Level 1

  1. If hmt v3.5 doesnt run for you that means you probably need the .net framework 2.0, then when you download the plugins place them in the “plugins” in hmt. It will ask if you want to overwrite the other plugins, just hit yes.

  2. this one works but im lookin how to make a mod that lets me fly. can u email me how to do it? thanx

  3. Alright. Here is a bunch of answers/questions. Jeremy Guisinger – In what way would you like to fly, you can go from a walking to a flying master chief, or you can fly in vehicles! Jeff – Hmtv3.5 should not be opening in notepad. If it does try downloading it again, or from another source. Also, once you do get hmtv3.5 up and running there should be a folder in with the hmt.exe that says plugins. Just dump all the newly downloaded plugins there. Also the hmtv3.5 link has been updated!!

  4. ive been looking at this and trying to figure it out for about an hour and theres no HMT program…when i first downloaded it came up on a notepad. then i tried winzip and still nothing i dont know if im doing something wrong or its my computer

  5. when i click download on the HMT it lets me select what program to open the HMT with. the default execution is the notepad. I downloaded the HMT of of the URL at the top of this page.

  6. I’ve just updated the link with a new download source. When you download it select save to disk. Don’t open it with anything. The new download is a .zip file. Let me know if there are anymore problems. Also save hmtv3.5 anywhere you would feel comfortable saving it to 🙂

  7. i downloaded the HTM from a different site and it defauulted as a winzip file…i think im getting somewhere ^_^

  8. Yes, when you download it, since its in a .zip (or winzip, rar, etc) folder just extract the files to the same area it is in. Once it is done extracting them you should have a folder tat says hmtv3.5. Within that folder you should have halomappingtools.exe (hmtv3.5), a plugins folder, a data folder, and a bunch of .dll files. Just dump all the new plugins into the plugins folder, it will aks if you want to overwrite the files, just click yes to all.

    There has to be a plugins folder somewhere with it. Without the plugins folder you can’t do anything with hmt because all of the .xml files are there that help run hmt.

  9. sorry little confused i highlight all the files and extract them. but where to?

  10. Well, for now just extract them to your desktop. Once it is all extracted in one folder you can move it about afterwards. Just extract it to the desktop for now so it is easy to find and remember where it is 🙂

  11. WOOT found plugin file lol. so how should i should i get the plugins that ive downloaded already and copy and paste it into the plugin file?

  12. yep, just copy and paste them all into the plugins folder, and it should say “would you like to over write these files”. Just select yes to all.

  13. no, the plugins should also have been saved to disk. They should be .xml files.

  14. well, they are written codes, and you can open them in notepad, just dont 🙂

  15. i got the plugins in the plugin file but it didnt ask me if i wanted to overwrite the files

  16. were there any files in the plugins folder prior to putting the new plugins in?

  17. i just hihglighted the shortcut and copied it and pasted it into the plugin file
    am i doing it right?

  18. yes there was lots of plugins already there but when i pasted it the name plugins came as a new name under the plugin file

  19. No, you have to actually go into the downloaded plugins folder, copy and paste them all into the hmt plugins folder.

  20. no dont paste the downloaded plugins folder into hmt’s plugins folder. Go into the downloaded plugins folder, do ctrl + a , then copy them all and paste them into hmt’s plugins folder

  21. so i open up the downloaded plugins folder where i see all the written codes then ctrl+a then paste them into th HMTs plugin folder?

  22. i may have done something wrong and i cant make or join blood gulch maps so should i delete the old blood gulch and replace it with a backup?

  23. Ya, just replace it with a backup map. That will always fix a messup…trust me 🙂

  24. i am a tottal noob at this mod stuf so if some one dosent mind showing me how to do this from begining to end and other mods i will be vary thankful plz email me

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