Tag Filtering in Monkeychow

As promised earlier, Monkeychow now has the ability to filter feeds by the tag properties as of SVN revision 18. This is still a little rough since it is using SQL to do the query without any intervening logic, so asking for feeds tagged “car” would bring up feeds tagged “oscars” and “cardiac” as well as “car”, for example. A little tweaking will fix this, but for now its functional. The big gain in this feature is that now you can organize your feeds. I’ve found that I typically hover around 100 feeds; if I add more it feeds somehow more unorganized. By classifying my feeds with tagging I can concentrate on a certain area. Heck with the “work” tag I can keep the reader up and only see those things that are relevant at that moment.

Next, I’m going to add a link in the feeds list that generates OPML from this filtering so that you can pass the URL to someone. This means that URL can evolve in time as you add and remove feeds from those tag categories. Anyone know of tools that can make use of a dynamic OPML list? I understand that the wonderful Share Your OPML service does this.

Have any ideas for MonkeyChow? Leave a comment or email me. We’re working on quite a few features for the next release.

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