Monkeychow 0.1 has been released

I’ve released the updated version of my modified FeedOnFeeds web-based RSS reader as Monkeychow. This is the last time I will refer to it by the old name. I have the domain pointing to the Sourceforge page with the Home Page for the project pointing here. Starting with this version 0.1, I will maintain the releases on Sourceforge. Downloads are supported through Subversion and File releases.

If you’re a stable release kind of person, you can get the files from here. It will be a while before anything is updated as a File Release again, but the Subversion releases will stay up to date as I add features. Once I have enough to qualify for a major release, say a 0.5, I will again upload to the FIle Release area on Sourceforge.

The subversion release stands at revision 1 as of this very moment. Getting the files requires you to do

svn co monkeychow

The upside of this is that when you want to update your release, all you have to do is

svn update monkeychow

and you will automatically have the new files. Should there be something wrong with a new release, the file management of subversion will let you jump everything back to a previously known working copy. Such is the power of file management!

If you want to be brave, you can try getting this to work on Cygwin. It is my eventual hope to get this working so that anyone can set this up on any platform, point port 80 on their cable router at that system, and check their feeds from anywhere. At the same time I would like to set this up so that each install can support multiple users without having to rely on an .htaccess file.