Hello iPod

We have a new addition to the family thanks to an early Easter present from my wonderful wife (hers on the left, mine on the right). I’ve retired my 40GB Creative Zen Xtra after discovering that I really wasn’t listening to most of the ~20GB that I had dumped on it from my server. However, I’ve totally filled the 4GB available on my iPod Nano with everything that I wanted to put on it – no room for expansion. It’s a shame, as I’ve been trying to fill holes in my iTunes library. All of this music has no art work, so I made extensive use of the iTunes Art Importer today to make sure everything in my collection has album cover art. I’ll have to make another pass through my library to see if I actually want all of it on my iPod. The 5-star rating system on the iPods helps with this since I can sort my library by rating to see what needs to be cleared. Anything under 3 stars will definitely get booted.

Having used iTunes for streaming over ssh, I’m pretty comfortable using it for everyday listening. I really love the “smart playlists,” something that no other music player seems to have. Useful even for backing up your library. And keeping track of my most played tracks, I now use the Audioscrobbler plugin for iTunes from Last.fm which generates a personalized RSS feed for my most listened to music, suitable for something like this blog site. I usually have it on the right, but it seems the RSS sidebar is not working after my upgrade to Rails 1.1.

three ipods

Lastly, check out the middle ipod in the picture above. My son found a really nice use for that plastic adapter most of us toss aside, making the iPod Desk mod.

Update: Finally got rid of the Creative Zen 40GB player by trading it for an XBox. What a deal!


2 thoughts on “Hello iPod

  1. Cool man, it becomes an addiction! You want more and more space!

  2. I know! Less than a week and I was already wondering when a 8GB Nano would come out. I’m hooked on this little guy, I take it everywhere! I would EBay the Creative Zen Xtra, but it’s not worth much these days.

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