ListRing 1.0 Launches!

Contributing to the effort of making everything RSS, ListRing 1.0 has launched. Listring allows you to create as many lists as you want and share them with other Listring users within the app itself or through RSS feeds. Similar to how allows one to share bookmarks that update as the owner pleases, one can create a list for target users that can grow over time. In a Getting Things Done sense, this allows you to collaborate with your Todo lists. Not only will you benefit from making lists, but now a team of people can be better organized. It’s an OPML editor on steroids.

The major benefit here is that ListRing is open sourced at Sourceforge where other Web2.0 resources are not – anyone can pick up the ListRing code and run their own server. Where corporations are concerned this is a big deal since no one wants to put sensitive internal information on external servers.

I’ve had a chance to play with a demo of ListRing and have seen the simple, yet powerful, interface. While you can make plain lists, it also allows you the same control you would have over a database only without having to write any code to manage the presentation of the database. Columns can be added in a variety of data types, giving you ultimate flexibility in how you present your data. This is very simliar to the idea of what Google hoped to present us with in Google Base.

And with ListRing’s RSS output, you can write your own application as a frontend in any language from Perl to Ruby. Or keeping to its simplicity, that data can be read by anything from an RSS aggregator to a Palm Treo. Download the code today and start getting productive.

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