OPML output for FeedOnFeeds

The latest version of my patched Feed On Feeds sports OPML that validates properly. To enable this, I’ve added the following to the feeds table:

`date_added` timestamp NOT NULL default CURRENT_TIMESTAMP,

and the following to the config.php:

define('FULLNAME',"My Name");

And added date editing to the recently added edit form. For that you get a neat little icon you can post to your site:
OPML checked by validator.opml.org.. You can see my OPML list to the right.

But why is OPML important? Well, this format lets you properly share your feed URLs with others from one file. Not in some useless bullet list of links for people to copy and paste, but in a live dynamically generated way that RSS readers can export and import. However, as Dave Winer recently demonstrated, OPML is not fully useful unless there is some filtering, preferrably by tagging, so that lists can be shared by category. No one wants to wade through my list of 100+ feeds to find the few nuggets they are looking for. To this end I plan on integrating this OPML support with the planned tagging feature. I’d also like to somehow integrate that with Typo’s tagging, but that’s further down the todo list.