Getting Minty with Adsense

For those of you using Mint for web site statistics, I have an Adsense Pepper plugin that some will find useful. The original author hasn’t been on the support boards for a while, and the plugin only worked for an older version of Mint, so I took the Pepper and ported it to Mint v1.2. This is still a work in progress as I am trying to work out an issue with Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox/Seamonkey browsers and multiple recordings of clicks – they do not allow a Javascript event to be attached to objects (links in this case) inside of IFrames so another method has to be used to record the click on page exit. This Pepper has been corrected for a recent path security issue brought up on the boards. If you find this useful, please consider the tipjar.

UPDATE: One word of warning. After you install this, do not click it to test the pepper. Google is extremely sensitive about this and will kick you out of Adsense when they review accounts at the end of the month. Just trust that it will do the job. Believe me, I know. Note that these stastics are only seen by the Mint administrator, so this does not violate article 7 of the Adsense Terms of Service regarding disclosure of “click-through rates or other statistics relating to Site performance.”

view 1
Adsense Mint

view 2
Adsense Mint 2