Halo Bots: Sniper Training


Your Internet connection is down and you can’t play on
xbox live. You’ve been wanting to get your skills up
and reach that next level in Team Snipers. But, wait!
You have four controllers, a decent size tv, and the
blessings of scotch tape. The solution: play Halo 2
with bots!


  • Halo 2
  • Xbox
  • At least a 27” tv
  • 3-4 xbox controllers (any type)
  • Scotch tape


Bot training can help you train with the sniper rifle
when no one else is around to play. Taping down the joysticks of the xbox controllers
allows them to run around while you try to snipe them. This will help you hunt them down, get your shots in, and
take them out without risk of being killed by another player. Alternately, 1337 players can practice “no scoping”. Playing this for a while will get you some
laughs and killing sprees.


Once in the main menu in Halo 2 create a Sniper Training gametype. Here is exactly what you will need to do in
order to have a perfect Sniper Training Halo 2

Rounds – 1
Score to win Unlimited
Time limit – none

Respawn time – 3 seconds
Suicide penalty – none, you really shouldn’t get yourself killed here
Shields – normal
Motion Sensor – on

No teams necessary.

No bonus points
No suicide loss
No death loss

No vehicles whatsoever – that would be cheating!

Starting weapon – Sniper Rifle
Secondary weapon – Beam Rifle
Starting Grenades – NO
Grenades on map – None
Weapons on map – Sniping

In the end you should have two to three xbox
controllers with tape on the joysticks to keep them moving, sign
them in, pick
a map, set gametype to Sniper Training,
and fire away. Changing the position of tape on joysticks is the biggest modifier. This changes the turning radius and direction of a bot and will take quite a bit of experimenting. In some cases you may end up with a bot that looks straight up while spinning in place – not a good

Train with a friend as a teammate, or possible as a live target that fires back! For an added bonus, try to see who can rack up the most bots per minute. When you graduate from this one, you’re ready to go public.

-commit suicide
-jump off cliffs
-some how get killed by “bots”
-screen look
-Don’t camp, it won’t help you out and the bots won’t
fire back anyway.

-amount of headshots
-compare kills per minute
-percentage of shots hit

Here are some test results with maps we’ve played.

Burial Mounds – Not too big, not too small, Bots don’t get caught in fixed patterns as often.

Relic – They drop like lemmings into the water, but the bots had large swaths of land to cross before death.

Lockout – The bots are too confined, and about 90% of the time get stuck in corners.

Gemini – They always get stuck in fixed patterns in the small rooms, and changing tape position didn’t help.

Coagulation – Too big, hard to find the bots. Bots actually ran the tracks like real players.

Zanzibar – Spawn points become predictable! 50% of the time they get stuck in corners.

Waterworks – WAYYYYYY to big!

Headlong – 85% of the time the bots stayed in

Midship – Not strictly a snipers map, but turned out to be the best because of the few corners. The bots actually ran around the map like real people, mainly because of the circular nature of the map. This passed a
sort of Turing test as some of the bots were confused for being players.

Foundation – The larger circular path meant the bots ran around more like real people and didn’t get stuck in the rooms for long. It helps if you can move the debris away from the edges of the rooms so that bots don’t get stuck.

To test player reaction to the bots, we took a team of four bots into Team Training on XBox Live. The first game landed our team on Gemini, where as we predicted they got stuck in the spawn room. Three of the four opposing team dropped, but the one remaining player
landed sweet multiple kills each time he ran into the spawn room. This worked for slayer matches, but once we got into an assault match in Ivory Tower, it was a disaster. The next match in Ivory Tower was Fiesta and again we
had bots that ran the map almost like real players. Without shooting back, the opposing team thought they had a real set of newbies on their hands.

Special mission Relic: Stop the Lemmings
We went back to Relic, both signed into one team and had the other two bots signed into another team. Basically, don’t let the bots fall off the cliff to their wet doom. Once one of the bots reaches -10, end the game. The winner is the person with most bot kills.


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  1. great idea! too bad bungie can’t introduce REAL bots, so this is what we need to do. sigh 😦

  2. I am from xbc I know bungie can put bots moders can add bots like nothing they should put bots in halo3

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