Bungie's New Maps for Halo 2 – Part 2


Bungie’s MAPTACULAR MAP PACK was the last five maps in
the Halo 2 map
collection. The maps were Terminal, Relic, Gemini,
Elongation, and Backwash.

Terminal is a train station located in a city on
Earth, where teams can
play on a battle field which consists of a large train
platform in the
center(where civilians would enter train), a parking
garage, two bases
(one of which connects to the train platform, and the
best part…a run
away train! Do not ride the train or your corpse will
be hurled far into the sky by the ever-loving
guardians! This map is common for matches
like Capture the Flag and Assualt, where the defending
team receives a Wraith at the beginning of
gameplay, much to everyone’s frustration. This map
is also one of the most modded downloadable maps,
usually involving a respawn mod that lets the opposing
team easily predict your spawn point. However, the
map falls under the “large” category, so I give it an
8 out of 10

Relic is an island containing a whole slew of
interesting features.
This map is usually
played with the Team Slayer playlist, Team Skirmish
Playlist, Big Team
Battle Playlist, and 6v6 Playlist. While it may be
included in all these
playlists, it is still sometimes be hard to come
across. At the human base, the team is provided with
a Warthog, sniper, a few magnums, and one
or to Battle rifles. The main feature is the
controllable teleporter. They offensive team has
close access to the teleporter, but only once it has
been turned on at the other base.
The sniper or rocket launcher are available with just
a short walk on the beach.
The other team’s large base towers into the
sky from the center of the island. They are provided
with a few plasma rifles, plasma pistol, needlers,
carbines, a sword
and shotgun underneath the base. This teams is always
on the defense, defending the flag, or base from the
bomb, and must always protect the teleporter. Once
the offensive team gets a guy into their base and
turns on the teleporter, they can swarm through time
after time.
This one’s excellent for 6v6 games. I give it a 7 out
of 10.

This map is based on the huge Covenant ship, High
Charity. The Gemini name is apt for its perfect
symmetry. One teleporter takes you from one
side of the map to the other, and two others teleport
you directly across
from each other at the top of the map. These are
for campers. At the center of the map is a giant
statue of one of the Prophets, with a lift behind it
to launch you 15 feet onto the level above it. This
map doesn’t play well with
objective games like Capture the flag or territories,
but proves insanely fun for oddball, king of the hill,
slayer, and team slayer. The open area around the
tree is just waiting for mass chaos. I give this map
an 8 out of 10, because of its overall creativity and
amazing colors. Purples, pinks and blues give
it a great look, but those colors make it too dark in
some places.

Elongation is a map that was dug up from the original
Halo: Longest. This involved two hallways where you would just run up
and down them in mass
carnage. As it was one of the most confined maps of
Halo 1, it created
intense battles with rockets, and even the normal
weapons set created
cool battles of flying lead and frantic explosions.
Elongation has taken this to a new level two
conveyer belts that run down the two long hallways.
Boxes are transported down the conveyer belts,
providing temporary places to hide, eventually falling
down a hole where an inattentive trooper will die.
Areas of Longest which you had to jump up to, now have
ramps in Elongation, so no more impossible jumping
puzzles! This map, like Gemini, is symetrical, and
the same weapons are on
both sides. There are also windows all over the map
which allow you to gaze upon Earth from orbit – but
don’t stare too long. I give this map a 9 out of 10,
mainly because of the great translation from the Halo
1 map to the Halo 2 map.

What do you want me to say about this map?? Well,
Ratrace from Halo 1 was better, and that map sucked.
This map is extremely foggy, based on a swarm world
with twisted trees where one might expect to find Yoda
himself. It also contains a poor weapon set – the
only map that has the Sentinel
Beam on it – and provides very few grenades. A
central tower with four lifts take you into an
extremely small room housing a camoflage. There is a
shotgun squirreled away under a tree trunk. There is
sword on the map; because of the poor weapons set, it
is hard to kill the person with the sword. I feel
that if the map had a better balance of weapons it
would be more tolerable.
Two bases, blue and red, are directly across from each
other, providing for great skirmish matches. You can
get this map with gametypes like Neutral Flag and Team
Ball. Both of those gametypes can get very
competitive and make up for the extreme lack of
grenades on the map. With all
the bad and little good I said about it, I normally
leave this game if I get it in a non-ranked match. I
give this map a 5 out of 10.

UPDATE: Try our Sniper Training with bots on these
maps as well, especially Warlock.