Feed On Feeds 0.1.9 + Search + Buttons + Edit + Starring

I’ve added the ability to “star” feed items for viewing when you click on the starred link in the menu pane. This is good for saving articles for later private viewing. Note that “starring” keeps articles from being pruned, but does not save them from a deleted feed. This update requires that you add this column to your feed_items table:

`star` tinyint(1) default '0'

First time users will have this created for them along with the required column for publishes.


This update fixes a long standing issue where selecting published would not show the Recycle checkboxes as being checked. This fix is also applied to the new starred items. As usual the full package can be picked up from here.

The next and last update I will do will include tagging, but contrary to this week’s furious pace of updates, this one won’t come for a while.