Feed On Feeds 0.1.9 + Search + Buttons

As promised you can pick up a patched version of Feed On Feeds 0.1.9 with article buttons from here. This was previously updated here with Playtagger support and Search capability.

Feed On Feeds with buttons for Del.icio.us, Technorati, Blogger, and email

Altogether it provides…

  • a link to let you add an article link to your “My del.icio.us” right from the feed item
  • a link to search the Technorati Cosmos right from the feed item
  • a BlogThis! link for Blogger authors
  • a mailto: link for emailing articles to friends. Note that mailto URLs have a 2k limit so the post will be truncated. If you use a web based mail client, there are mailto: options for Yahoo or Gmail.

Plus the Recycle checkbox for making your own feed of select articles. Contact me if you have any suggestions or recommendations, or just leave me a post in the comment field.

Update 2006-02-06: My next improvements will be tagging and starring to provide more organization, and feed attribute editing, which previously involved going into phpMyAdmin.