RSS Readers, part 2

I saw an article on the Magpie blog about Gregarius. Keeping to the requirements in my previous RSS Reader review, Gregarius fails in the efficient use of space department – very large fonts all over the place, in the tradition of many Web2.0 apps(1). However, I have to say that its use of plugins is very neat. There is a Screencast of Gregarius that shows it using a Frames theme. The author mentioned that the functionality may be moved out into a plugin, which shows promise. The dynamic funcionality is fantastic, but I like the original color scheme they used in the screencast. When I got to testing the theme it has already been altered to use a very ugly orange color and a giant picture of FireFoxGirl in the header. Contrary to some opinions, I am not a bastard for not liking the color scheme. =)

Anyway that inspired me to add a few things to FoF:

  • a link to let you add an article link to your “My” right from the feed item
  • a link to search the Technorati Cosmos right from the feed item
  • a BlogThis! link to Blogger

Delicious and Technorati Cosmos added

I’ll post a patch here Real Soon Now.