Thunderbird gets tabbed

Myk Melez has added a revolutionary idea to email client Thunderbird: tabs. Those of us familiar with Mozilla and Firefox tabbed browsing know that managing windows through tabs makes things really efficient. That’s what the taskbar in Windows is all about, but anyone doing any real work on a system knows that the taskbar fills up fast. That’s why on WinXP we have collapsing trays and similar windows grouped together, but things still get lost.

Taking a hint from Firefox 1.5, this is making use of the Mini-T extension features that were available separately for Firefox 1.0, which includes tab rearranging.

However, this feature is not likely to be seen an the upcoming Thunderbird 1.5 release. There have been quite a few Moz/FF patchings due to cross-tab vulnerabilities in the past. Since we are potentially involving SPAM/phishing/viruses in these panes, it should be banged on really hard before it is ready for primetime. Revolutionary, but definitely not trivial. Thanks Myk.

By the way if you aren’t on Firefox 1.5 yet, give it whirl right now. I was able to update my extensions and move right to it from 1.0. I have a link on the sidebar on the right that takes you right to where you can download Firefix 1.5.

UPDATE: Project has stalled!