Firefox 1.5 anatomy

Firefox 1.5 came out a few days ago. All the extensions I use had compatible versions ready to go: Adblock, ForecastFox, Google Toolbar,, Roboform, Download Statusbar, Yahoo Mail notifier, and Google Mail notifier. My beef with having a lot of extensions is that your browser often becomes cluttered with a lot of task bars, and I like my screen real estate. However, I noticed that a lot of extensions are now taking advantage of the toolbar customization, allowing you to take their toolbar components apart. In the screens below you can see portions of my browser that indicate the places where I’ve tucked toolbar components to keep the original browser layout. and Google PageRank next to each other by the navigation buttons. Notice that I use small icons and no text for economy of space.
Delicious and Google

That’s a Google “Search on Page” area next to the page load animation circle, above the Google search box. Note the highlighter button, letting you search through a page for individual query matches.

At the bottom right corner of the status bar are my mail notifiers. Lots of mail from the Rails mailing list in Google Mail, I see. The download statusbar doesn’t show if nothing has been downloaded.

ForecastFox is right next to Adblock. Adblock is THE one extension I can’t live without. Taking out giant banner ads is a big thing for me, but text ads are no big deal. As you can see, ForecastFox says we’re about to get socked with 5-8 inches of snow here in NJ.