Feed On Feeds 0.1.9 + Search

Stop by here to get the complete distribution of Feed On Feed 0.1.9 wth the Reblog patch already integrated plus a new search feature that allows you to match against article titles. No more trying to remember where out of dozens and dozens of feeds you saw an article on a certain topic. This is supported in the frames version only.

Feed On Feeds is a fast, efficient reader for those that seriously use RSS feeds for their information and want to get the most out of their RSS feed management. See the Google Reader article below for more on its wonderful features.

Update 2005-12-03: Added Del.icio.us Playtagger support.
This basically adds the ability for Feed On Feeds to act as a podcasting client for MP3 feeds. If they add AVI/WMV/MOV capability to it, it will also be good for watching RocketBoom episodes.

PlayTagger in FoF